Team Building for Communication

Team Building for Communication

At best, day-to-day poor communication can lead to misunderstandings. At worst, it can lead to complete breakdown and conflict. While communication among team members won’t always be perfect, an ongoing culture of poor communication is a disaster for your business.

The Challenge for Managers

The sheer number of communication platforms available in 2019 is a double-edged sword. Although the speed and accessibility of communication is a benefit, the volume and variety of channels can lead to people feeling stressed and under pressure. It’s these factors, plus a lack of clarity, which can lead to a range of problems.

Managers face a complex challenge to ensure their teams build and maintain positive and productive communication at work. Etiquette for face-to-face and electronic communications can differ across personal and professional domains and different industry sector cultures. If expectations aren’t set, modelled and maintained, employees can drift into poor practices, creating a knock-on effect for the whole business.

Leaders may intend to create an open and positive communication culture but may find that this is not evident on the ground. Lack of trust, fear of repercussions or feeling that the issue does not merit attention are some of the reasons that communication between employees and the manager can decline.

Team Communication Workshops

An EML team building activity day is a positive way of establishing and maintaining good team communications. It’s also a great option when teams need bringing together for some remedial work during challenging times. Investing in employees will ensure both managers and their subordinates feel supported. They can return to the work environment equipped with the tools they need to implement the learning from the team building workshop.

At EML we offer a wide range of high-quality team building workshops that address the communication issues your teams might be facing. Take the LEGO Master Builder workshop. This workshop places team communication issues under the microscope. Working on a task together by taking on different roles, team members develop collaboration and trust. It’s also loads of fun!

The workshop is adaptable. It can cover not just face-to-face but remote communication. This makes it suitable for distributed teams who rely on remote communication to deliver business objectives.

Alternatively, opt for a psychometric workshop. These can help team members identify their different communication styles and improve their interactions with other team memebrs and customers. Choose from workshops based on MBTI, Insights Discovery, Belbin Team Roles and Everything DiSC.

Find Out More

Participants in these workshops will leave understanding their own communication areas for development. It also helps people to understand their colleagues better. Participation can also provide businesses with unique insights into additional training needs for their team.

To book an event, contact our friendly team on +44 (0)1905 330660.


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A massive, massive success. See you next time!

PA Consulting - Lego Master Builder

A great set of events to help keep spirits up and teams connected during lockdown. Especially appreciated the flexible and creative approach. Many thanks.
Adele Cox
Excellent fun and fully engaged activity, completely loved it ???? Thank you so much.
Himabindu Vutukuri
I thought the event was excellent - informal, fun & very engaging!
B. A. Nimmo
I really enjoyed the exercise and was honestly quite surprised at just how engaged with the activity I became.
Richard White
Enjoyable virtual event. I liked the theme and imaginative art class to make it a fun group event.
Conor Morris
A very entertaining experience... we had to make decisions and work together. And we also got a sense of achievement - I can’t draw and produced 2 decent superheroes. An excellent activity.
Elizabeth Donachie
A great event which made was a lot of fun! At first I was nervous to try the task but by the end I wanted to do more!
Lisa Redpath
Enjoyable event and well run, enjoyed our 3 hours with EML.
David Rodman
Good afternoon of activities and being in the winning team topped the day, thank you for the prize.
Adrienne Cousins
Many thanks to Neil and Ruth for leading our virtual team building exercise... Many laughs were had while scrambling to collect the twenty items...!!! The Murder Mystery was my favourite and my team winning was the icing on the cake. The Haka showed how uncoordinated we are but the laughs ...just proves what an enjoyable experience we all had.
Suzanne Mitchell, Beckton, Dickinson & Co
Our team really enjoyed the event - they are already asking when we can do another!
Karen Wilson, Zhero
The EML virtual team building event was well organised and entertaining. Tasks were interactive and challenging in a fun and relaxed environment.
Brandon Lee Maharaj
It was fun and I loved the energy this brought out of us as a team.
Clinton De Klerk
Great and fun team-building event. Enjoyed!!!
Christopher Dahwa
Perfect. From initial enquiry to event day. I’m really pleased with the session. We had a short meeting pre activities and then 4 fun team games. The event staff were really helpful and professional all the way through.
EML delivered a great virtual training afternoon for our new Graduates, Undergraduates & Apprentices. Everyone found it to be a fun and engaging afternoon.
Victoria Goodwin
Super fun virtual event, the team are friendly and entertaining. Thank you so much Neil and Jon.
Thank you EML for a great virtual team building Christmas party. Everyone had a great time and this virtual option created a great opportunity to stay in touch with our colleagues and have some Christmas fun. I've received lovely feedback from staff - they really appreciated the event.
Sue Quick
Thanks for organising and facilitating our online Christmas social. I've had some great feedback from the participants and it was lovely to do something together even though we couldn't meet face to face.
Michelle Hammersley
Great fun, thank you.
Simon Elkins
Well organised and good fun - many thanks to EML Team.
Mark Roberts
Great fun, engaging and well organised :o)
Belinda Mitchell
Thank you so much for organising a very interesting and fun event... it gave staff an opportunity to work together in different ways and helped to develop our team skills. I'd recommend similar online events to other organisations.
Isla Boadle
Great fun had by all. Both inclusive and engaging. We will be looking to use EML again next year.
John Williams, ECCTIS

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