CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Are your delegates ready to embark on a journey of mystery and intrigue? Look no further than Crime Scene Investigation, a team building activity designed to entertain and challenge participants in an energising conference session.

EML Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Team Building


Get ready to put your detective skills to the test! Our Crime Scene Investigation is an enjoyable and stimulating event which sees your teams racing the clock to discover who killed Sir Monty Smithe. Was it the butler with the candlestick in the library!? That’s for you to find out! 

An engaging and challenging conference team building event suitable for all abilities; the ability to analyse data, problem solve and spot a liar are all useful skills to have. Crime Scene Investigation offers a great blend of analysis and light-hearted interaction with our team of seasoned officers, making it a hit with diverse audiences.

How Does CSI Team Building Work?

We kick off your event with a light-hearted activity briefing led by your host, Chief Inspector Clueless. Clueless and his officers are relying on your guests’ sharp minds and keen instincts to crack the chilling, premeditated murder of British Billionaire Sir Monty Smithe.

Clueless has detained those individuals closest to Sir Monty for questioning. Throughout the activity, teams will have exclusive access to information provided by Clueless and his team, as they navigate through the intricate web of clues and suspects. But be warned, not all those questioned will be forthcoming with the truth. Trust no one!

Your teams will be equipped with special detective packs, granting you access to a wealth of resources. Dive deep into suspect interview transcripts, examine criminal records, analyse bank account statements, and unlock the secrets of forensic analysis for each character involved. Every piece of evidence brings you closer to unravelling the truth behind this enigmatic crime.

By the conclusion of the activity, all teams will have crafted their own unique version of events, piecing together the puzzle and revealing the identity of Sir Monty’s cold-blooded murderer. This immersive and engaging team building experience will have you on the edge of your seat, as suspense, humour, and intrigue intertwine.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away! Can your teams rise to the challenge and unmask the culprit in this unforgettable Crime Scene Investigation? Join us now for a conference experience like no other!


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“Thanks a lot for a great team building session. We will definitely have you back when doing team building activities in the Munich office.

Mark Channing | Marketing Manager | Lego

Professional, knowledgeable and friendly team to work with from beginning to end. Thank you for making our day a great success!
Caroline Greenfield | Aramco Overseas
You actually listened to the criteria I asked and followed up with a call to discuss options, out of 4 contacted no other company did that.
Michelle Duberry | Galliford Try
Really enjoyed working with Jon, Ruth and the team, exceptional customer service and support, would definitely work with you again.
Nicola Newman | The AA
Great day had a wonderful time thank you to all the team for making it such a successful event with many happy memories.
Mark Hoggard | Depuy J&J
Very professional and engaging company to work with. Great ideas and energy on the day resulted in some excellent staff feedback.
Jenny James | RoSPA
Just a big thank you again for a brilliant date. So well organised from start to finish and the team on the day were all amazing. Everyone had a great time and the feedback has been brilliant.
Laura Heaton | Hazlewoods
We have had lots of positive feedback from many members of staff. They really enjoyed all the activities and felt that it allowed them to have fun and to get to know colleagues better. Thank you!
Sonia Johnson | Bracknell Forest CC
Brilliant facilitation, really understood our needs and worked with us to create something amazing. Feedback from staff has been really positive. They were engaged, and it really did support us in our messaging. Thank you!
Clare Salerno | Saints FC
Many thanks to Neil and Ruth for leading our virtual team building exercise... Many laughs were had while scrambling to collect the twenty items...!!! The Murder Mystery was my favourite and my team winning was the icing on the cake. The Haka showed how uncoordinated we are but the laughs ...just proves what an enjoyable experience we all had.
Suzanne Mitchell | Beckton, Dickinson & Co
Our team really enjoyed the event - they are already asking when we can do another!
Karen Wilson, | Zhero
EML delivered a great virtual training afternoon for our new Graduates, Undergraduates & Apprentices. Everyone found it to be a fun and engaging afternoon.
Victoria Goodwin | Croudace Homes
Thanks for organising and facilitating our online Christmas social. I've had some great feedback from the participants and it was lovely to do something together even though we couldn't meet face to face.
Michelle Hammersley | GKN Aerospace
Great fun had by all. Both inclusive and engaging. We will be looking to use EML again next year.
John Williams | ECCTIS

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