Challenge Team Building

Looking for a unique team building experience? Build your own session from these 38 team challenges or add them to another event.

Try your hand at axe throwing, laser shooting and falconry… solve word puzzles, brain teasers and treasure hunts… or compete in team sports, games and physical challenges. The choice is yours!

Because you build this event yourself, you can opt for a high impact 1 hour session or an entire day of fun. Adapt your choices to build the skills you need into your workforce. And have jolly good fun while you’re at it!

How to Use Team Challenge Games

Our Team Challenges are highly adaptable. You can: 

  • Put 6-8 together with one of our grande finales to create a unique team building day
  • Embed 1-2 challenges in another event, e.g. conference ice breaker or refresher 
  • Add 3-4 extra challenges to your indoor or outdoor team building event 

We can deliver these challenges anywhere – from a conference room to a football pitch – and adjust the tone to suit senior management or client hospitality. If your team is remote, you might also want to check out our virtual team challenge option.

Looking for help with event design, venue hire, and on-site management? Check out our event management service to see how we could help. 

38 Corporate Team Challenge Games

These tried and tested games are all exceptional fun and build a variety of skills into your workforce. All delivered by our lively facilitators.

Space Ball

Use a network of poles to bag footballs… blindfolded! Requiring steady hands and succinct instructions, this is a great option for developing communication and trust.

Wacky Races

Work together to build and race a miniature Mean Machine. It’s dastardly good fun! Also available on a grander scale as an indoor team building event.


Great for problem solving and teamwork, in this game you’ll be retrieving 10 items from an 8 foot tall tower. Without getting near it or tipping it up!

Around the World

Quick-fire physical, artistic and general knowledge challenges inspired by countries around the world. Also available as a virtual team building quiz.

Zin Zan

Solve a challenging brain teaser against the clock by sharing clues with your team. Great for communication and problem solving. Also available as a virtual team challenge.

Chasm Crossing

Can you get your team across the lava-filled chasm using wooden supports? An excellent choice for developing project planning capabilities.

Lego Architect

Plan and build an intricate Lego house to our complex design brief. A more in-depth version is available as an indoor team building activity.

The Crane

Recover artefacts with an intricate rope and pulley system. A fun and challenging activity to improve team communication. Unique to EML.

Sheep Dog Duck Herding

Join Bob the Farmer to herd ducks around an obstacle course using a real life border collie. As fun and hilarious as it sounds! Your team will be roaring with laughter.


Link words of increasing difficulty together according to our brain teasing rules. One for the Scrabble fanatics! Also part of our virtual team challenge.

Bungee Run

How far can you place the hacky sack up our inflatable track… before the bungee cord flings you back?! Great fun and a fabulous group memory.

Treasure Hunt

In this treasure hunt around your venue, teams complete fun tasks to win points and be crowned champions. Also available as an outdoor team building exercise.


Can you guide your entire team through a perilous minefield? You’ll have to be a fabulous communicator…! Also part of Army Bootcamp team building exercise.

Plumber's Nightmare

Connect a series of tubes, supported with bamboo canes, to create your own marble run. A great one for idea generation and project planning.


Create as many triangles as you can using poles and connectors. Excellent for problem solving, communication and planning. Unique to EML.

Nuclear Hazard

Can you safely dispose of hazardous nuclear waste, without entering the danger zone? Fabulous for improving time management and problem solving.


Fit geometric shapes together in a manner resembling Tetris! Based on the ancient pentomino puzzle, it’s great for problem solving and teamwork.


Match everyone’s symbols cards according to specific rules to solve the puzzle! Amazing for communication and problem solving. Unique to EML.

Domino Rally

Use dominoes to depict a process, then set them off in the final knock down! Great for improving teamwork and communication.

Post it

Share information with your team to build a series of complex cubes. A highly engaging remote communication exercise that’ll get brains working hard!


Teams must match complex shapes together while blindfolded. Great communication is a must in this teamworking game found only at EML.

Go Karts

Race our pedal Go Karts against the clock in a time trial! The perfect team bonding experience and hilariously good fun.

Art Attack

Work together to create one huge piece of art or individual masterpieces. Wonderful for idea generation, planning and delegation.


Get up close and personal with 10-14 amazing birds of prey. Handle and fly the birds as you learn more about them. An amazing group memory.

Axe Throwing

Grab an axe and throw it at our targets to score points. The better you are, the higher you'll score for your team. Exciting and highly competitive!

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Shoot flying clay targets with our laser guns. Are you a crackshot? Let’s find out! Superb fun and a novel experience that bonds your team together.

Human Table Football

Get strapped to giant poles to play a game of human table football! This never ending fun for your whole team is fabulous for team bonding.

Archery & Crossbows

Shoot bows and arrows at our targets with the help of our expert instructors. Finish with a shoot off at the end of the day! A fun team bonding experience.


Always a hit! Learn to drive these vehicles and compete against the clock in a time trial. A brilliant option for a novel and fun team experience.

Climbing Walls

Climbing walls make a great addition to any event. Fun and physically challenging, they’re marvellous for building motivation.

Laser Tag

Shoot each other with laser guns in a game of pretend war. It’s paintball without the paint or the pain! Also available with Army Bootcamp outdoor team building.

Circus Skills

Juggling, plate spinning and unicycle riding with professional trainers… be the office clown with this fun team bonding experience!

Balloon Modelling

Learn how to turn balloons into swords, sausage dogs and pirates’ hats with our balloon modelling challenge. Fabulous creative fun that'll get your team laughing!


Learn how to drive a hovercraft! You’ll be amazed at the speed and power of these amazing machines. A novel team bonding experience.


Compete in a fun volleyball contest with your team. A fabulous bonding experience that can be adapted to indoors or outdoors. Winners stay on!

Quad Biking

Thrilling quad bike driving experience complete with time trial. Only allowed at certain venues - get in touch and we’ll find you one for free!

Air Rifles

Get fun target practice in with our high-powered rifles. Can you hit the bullseye? Also available as part of Army Bootcamp outdoor team building.

Human Sheep Dog Trials

Blindfolded team mates act as sheep while you communicate with hooters and whistles. Hilarious fun meets planning and communication!

3 Grande Finale Team Activities

Complete your Team Challenge day or team building activity with an unforgettable grande finale! 

1. The Crystal Dome

Grab as many gold tickets as you can in our Crystal Dome finale. Tickets whizz past you, courtesy of our powerful wind machines! Can you grab enough before the clock runs out?! A spectacular ending to any event. Book a smaller version for indoor events or treat your team to a full Crystal Maze team building experience.

Crystal Maze team building

A team challenge day ends with a marvellous Crystal Dome grande finale!

2. Water Balloon Catapult

Go head to head to shoot water balloons from your catapult and earn points for your team. Whoever hits the most valuable targets, in the least time, wins! Hilarious and fun, the Catapult is a great way to end any session.

corporate outdoor team building event


3. Sports Day Relay Races

How long has it been since you ran the egg and spoon, sack race and three-legged race? Too long! Compete in a series of relay races straight out of a school sports day. A high energy finale that’ll take you back to the good old days. 

Multi Activity Outdoor Team Building Challenge - school sports day

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“Thanks a lot for a great team building session. We will definitely have you back when doing team building activities in the Munich office.

Mark Channing | Marketing Manager | Lego

Professional, knowledgeable and friendly team to work with from beginning to end. Thank you for making our day a great success!
Caroline Greenfield | Aramco Overseas
You actually listened to the criteria I asked and followed up with a call to discuss options, out of 4 contacted no other company did that.
Michelle Duberry | Galliford Try
Really enjoyed working with Jon, Ruth and the team, exceptional customer service and support, would definitely work with you again.
Nicola Newman | The AA
Great day had a wonderful time thank you to all the team for making it such a successful event with many happy memories.
Mark Hoggard | Depuy J&J
Very professional and engaging company to work with. Great ideas and energy on the day resulted in some excellent staff feedback.
Jenny James | RoSPA
Just a big thank you again for a brilliant date. So well organised from start to finish and the team on the day were all amazing. Everyone had a great time and the feedback has been brilliant.
Laura Heaton | Hazlewoods
We have had lots of positive feedback from many members of staff. They really enjoyed all the activities and felt that it allowed them to have fun and to get to know colleagues better. Thank you!
Sonia Johnson | Bracknell Forest CC
Brilliant facilitation, really understood our needs and worked with us to create something amazing. Feedback from staff has been really positive. They were engaged, and it really did support us in our messaging. Thank you!
Clare Salerno | Saints FC
Many thanks to Neil and Ruth for leading our virtual team building exercise... Many laughs were had while scrambling to collect the twenty items...!!! The Murder Mystery was my favourite and my team winning was the icing on the cake. The Haka showed how uncoordinated we are but the laughs ...just proves what an enjoyable experience we all had.
Suzanne Mitchell | Beckton, Dickinson & Co
Our team really enjoyed the event - they are already asking when we can do another!
Karen Wilson, | Zhero
EML delivered a great virtual training afternoon for our new Graduates, Undergraduates & Apprentices. Everyone found it to be a fun and engaging afternoon.
Victoria Goodwin | Croudace Homes
Thanks for organising and facilitating our online Christmas social. I've had some great feedback from the participants and it was lovely to do something together even though we couldn't meet face to face.
Michelle Hammersley | GKN Aerospace
Great fun had by all. Both inclusive and engaging. We will be looking to use EML again next year.
John Williams | ECCTIS

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