Communication for Senior Executives at PA Consulting

A communication-focused team building session designed to engage 160 senior executives at a venue in France.

PA Consulting approached us to design a team building event for 160 of their most senior executives. They wanted to dedicate 2.5 hours to the event and host it at a beautiful venue in Evian Les Bains, France.

Finding the Purpose

Our consultants took them through our 5 step process to identify their goals and craft a solution to meet them. We identified two key factors for their team building event:
  1. Communication: Their main goal was to improve communication among their executives to improve team performance.
  2. High-Level: Since their executives were intelligent, senior people, the event needed to engage them on a high-level.

Tailoring the Event

Given these factors, we chose to provide a Lego Master Builder activity for them. This requires a large group to work together to achieve an overarching goal while overcoming communication challenges, missing information and limited resources.

Because of this, the exercise teaches individuals to communicate in innovative ways, thus addressing factor 1. The challenge also requires serious levels of focus and thought, making it suitable for the executive audience and addressing factor 2. We also chose event facilitators who were experienced in dealing with an audience of this calibre.

Delivering the Team Building Event

On the day, our team flew from London to Geneva and travelled on to Evians Les Bains. We split the 160 executives into 4 groups of 40. Each group had to work together to build a Lego skyscraper.

But there was a catch. Each group was further divived into 4 subteams. These subteams were physically separated from one another and had no means of communication other than a postal service provided by ‘runners’ between teams.

To make matters worse, the information and resources to build their skyscraper was spread unevenly across the subteams, making it difficult for them to allocate tasks and generate a clear plan. For them to successfully build their skyscraper, they had to communicate clearly and efficiently to exchange Lego pieces and architectural plans.

Successful Outcome

This is a challenging task for any team, but the PA Consulting executives quickly grasped the task and began to devise clever ways of communicating to overcome obstacles. All 4 groups executed their plans excellently to create 4 fantastic skyscrapers. All 160 executives were engaged and learned important lessons about communication.

“A massive, massive success. See you next time!” PA Consulting.

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